I am a firm believer in sharing things that have enhanced my life, things that have helped me feel better and live a cleaner life. I began using Beautycounter this year after having my third son, because I was just wanting to clean up another aspect of my life and try to help relieve my body of some of the burden of cleaning out those toxins from day to day life.

When I was first introduced to Beautycounter, I was shocked to find out that the U.S. only partially bans 30…THIRTY chemicals from our cosmetic and skin care products… where Europe bans close to 1400. I had no idea that companies were allowed to use their own discretion when it came to ingredients in many products I used, ingredients that can cause hormonal disruption and cancer. This really impressed upon me that I needed to make some changes with the products I use, and what I am putting on my sweet boys’ skin as well.

Beautycounter bans around 1500 unsafe ingredients, and has cosmetics and skin care lines for every member in your family. Every product I have used smells amazing, and feels even more amazing. My skin has truly never been healthier. After using these products for a few months, I just felt like this was something I wanted to tell others about, and help in that movement to push for safer products to use on our bodies.

If you’re interested in learning more or trying something out, my link is below or you can shoot me an email at I also have a Facebook group dedicated to Beautycounter and Books for anyone interested in joining that! I share my book reviews there, as well as updates and information regarding Beautycounter.

We had an Clean Swap Beautycounter event on Facebook recently and would love for you to go take a look! The giveaway will close on January 4, but the information should stay up for a while after that! There is so much to learn there! Hopefully this link will work, and if you need an invite just let me know!